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National Research Study on Growth, Development, and Mental Health Needs in Schools Reveals Challenges, Insights, and Opportunities

  • Provider shortages have driven classrooms to a breaking point. Over 60% of superintendents are concerned about educator workload and well-being. 
  • Some schools miss over 50% of Individualized Education Program (IEP) sessions, putting increased pressure on educators and compromising critical support for students
  • Parents, superintendents, and educators alike support innovation such as virtual care. 85% of parents were likely to use virtual support for IEP needs.

DENVER, June 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Across America, 12-20% of children and adolescents face growth, development, and mental health challenges that are supported by federally mandated, school-based Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) under the Individual Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA).

A new research study by Huddle Up, titled "Inside IEP - Actionable Insights and Innovations for Student Support," surveyed a random sample of over 721 educators, superintendents, and parents, sought to understand the current state of IEP programs and the potential for innovative solutions.

The research study's findings highlight the startling impact of IEP provider staffing scarcity on IDEA compliance and classroom well-being. The study also revealed opportunities to address these challenges at scale and transform the quality of care through comprehensive virtual services and parent engagement in IEP programs.

Key findings at a glance

Shortages of high-quality providers result in compliance and classroom challenges

  • 40% of schools report missing a quarter of their IEP sessions each month.
  • A third of schools in urban areas report students missing 50% of their IEP sessions monthly.
  • 66% percent of superintendents are very or extremely concerned about how this impacts educator workload, and 62% are concerned about the impact on educator well-being.

Stakeholders have already begun to embrace innovation

  • 78% percent of superintendents who tried virtual services for student mental health reported satisfaction
  • 85% percent of parents said they were likely or extremely likely to use virtual providers for their child's IEP needs.

Parental involvement and team-based care are key opportunities to improve IEP programs

  • Half of parents and guardians do not have transparency into their child's progress on IEP goals, nor do providers often work with them on IEP goals
  • 59% percent of superintendents identify inadequate parental support and involvement as a significant or high barrier to providing more effective mental health resources.
  • 81% percent of educators highlight the potential for improved job satisfaction through collaboration with an extended team.

"The shortage of IEP providers, and the lack of parent involvement in care, has significant implications for the mental health and development of students, and the workload of classroom educators that are already stretched too thin," said Dr. Omar Dawood, CEO and Board Member at Huddle Up, "Comprehensive, high-quality, consistent support is crucial for success. Engaging parents in this care model can transform student outcomes."

Access the full report here.

For media inquiries and interviews, please contact:

Nicola Kamath

Chief Marketing Officer, Huddle Up

About Huddle Up:

Huddle Up is the most comprehensive pediatric digital health company that supports the growth, development, and mental health of children and adolescents across the United States. By bringing together providers, families, and educators, Huddle Up creates a circle of support around children and adolescents, transforming the care experience and enabling new levels of engagement and outcomes beyond traditional, in-person offerings. Technical innovation extends the high-quality nationwide network of providers, enabling them through peer-to-peer interactions, specialty support, and outcome-driven personalization. 

Available in 50 states and over 25 insurance plans, Huddle Up serves nearly a thousand schools in diverse regions throughout the nation. The company boasts nearly 900,000 sessions delivered, a 4.5/5 student star rating, and a 96% provider retention rate.

Huddle Up serves children and adolescents with three solutions:

  • IEP Huddle: A transformative solution that goes beyond traditional support of speech therapy, occupational therapy, school psychology, and mental health needs for the evaluation, care services, and management of IEP-related, 504, and RTI programs.
  • All Student Huddle: A solution that extends mental health support to the entire population from Tier 1 screening and self-guided care to Tier 3 one-on-one individual service needs and works in place of, or alongside SEL, tiered and MTSS offerings.
  • Family Care Hub: An innovative, first-of-its-kind platform that empowers self-guided care, courses, and education for students and their families, bringing them together to create new levels of engagement and outcomes.

For more information about Huddle Up and its initiatives, please visit

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Huddle Up

Nicola Kamath, CMO

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